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Sri Lanka an International hub Connecting Global Opportunities

Expo Ceylon, headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka, strategically positions itself as a key player in the global trade network. Leveraging the country’s advantageous geographical location as a vital entrepôt trade hub, Expo Ceylon serves as a catalyst for import transportation, entrepot services, and transshipment connections to world markets. The proximity of Sri Lanka to both the East and West renders it an enviable position along transshipment routes for sea and air freight, functioning as a gateway to the world.

This seamless connectivity is bolstered by Sri Lana’s exceptional world-class infrastructure, encompassing cutting-edge technology, robust cyber highways, extensive internet connectivity, expressways interlinking major ports, well-developed road networks, efficient railway systems, and strategically located warehousing facilities in close proximity to sea and airports. Colombo, the commercial hub of Sri Lanka, has served as a financial, commercial, and transportation epicenter for Asia and the rest of the world for several decades, establishing itself as a prominent destination for businesses. Additionally, Sri Lanka’s geographical proximity to the densely populated Indian subcontinent and mainland China further enhances its attractiveness as a trade hub.

About Us

Expo Ceylon Company Limited is a leading company in freight, cargo, project cargo, logistics and supply chain management. We handle bulk cargo, personal effects, air and sea freight transport, logistics, warehousing and storage. Lanka Express has been a reliable and trusted partner for businesses that need seamless supply chain solutions for the past decade.

We have a robust and agile global network of 12 offices in Europe and 12 offices in Sri Lanka. Moreover, we continue to expand our reach and expertise to better serve our clients’ cargo and freight handling needs. Expo Ceylon is an ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certified company that has the processes and systems to meet the demands of the astute clientele. Freight forwarding and cargo handling is not only about moving goods and providing a service, but also about managing big data for businesses to manage their ERP systems.

Therefore, Expo Ceylon is a technology-driven company that uses state-of-the-art technologies, IT, online processes and mobile technologies, along with highly competent personnel in all our processes from inbound to outbound handling of cargo or a small parcel to a loved one delivered door to door. Furthermore, exports and imports are governed by laws, codes of practice, licences that are complex and vary from country to country and trade agreements between nations. At Expo Ceylon, we have the right people, processes, technology, capabilities, equipment and vehicles to handle your freight safely, securely and on time.

Our Purpose

As the premier gateway, Expo Ceylon connects Sri Lanka to the global market. We are committed to showcasing the rich potential and unique offerings of Sri Lanka to the world. Moreover, we foster international connections and facilitate opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability

A Message from the Chairmen

A Message from the Chairmen

“From just one chair and a phone, we’ve grown to span 40 countries and employ 100 staff. Our goal: to empower small businesses, export products to the global stage, and igniting dreams worldwide.”

Prageeth Croos


Our People

Expo Ceylon has a core team of industry experts, business people, professionally qualified managers and high-end talent in the freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, warehousing and storage sectors. Global trade involves complex rules, regulations, licensing and documentation that vary from one port to another and in transportation and warehousing. Moreover, our highly capable and competent managers and their teams can handle these processes with a high degree of service excellence.

Ravishan Pitiyegedara

General Manager (Sri Lanka)

Thilina Nirmal

Head of Business Development and Administration (Europe)

Melissa Nilaskshi

Head of Finance (Europe)

Dilini Gamage

Branch Manger (Europe)

Prageeth Perera

Operational Manager (Europe)

Prabodha Dilshani

Head of Agency Network (Europe)


Branch Manager (Europe)

Ravindu Pesala

Head of Sea Cargo (Europe)

Marini Keyara

Head of Supply Chain (Europe)

Supun Shamal

Operational Manager (Sri Lanka)

Usha Napoli

Branch Manager (Europe)

Chathura Wijayanayake

Project Manager (Sri Lanka)

Our Key Services Highlights



Air Cargo


Sea Cargo


Road Transportation


3PL Services


Our commitment to your franchise venture extends beyond the initiation. We offer a holistic support system, including social media management, promotions, and technical assistance. Leveraging Expo Ceylon’s robust digital presence with over 200,000 engaged followers, we ensure optimal exposure. Additionally, a nominal LKR 50,000 deposit covers scalability and package damage insurance, underscoring our dedication to both your success and the integrity of our partnership.

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