Our Key Services

Offers multimodal capabilities, competence and expertise in Cargo, Freight, Project Cargo and handling personal effects of individuals, as well as transportation and distribution within Sri Lanka and globally. has its headquarters in Colombo Sri Lanka and its main hubs in Colombo and other major cities. Moreover, can connect you to your global partners with a network of the Sri Lankan Diaspora, with the objectives of showcasing and promoting Sri Lanka to global markets.

Furthermore, it is centered in the global hub of Sri Lanka, which is the central hub of export imports globally, supported by its international network of partners and general sales agents. You don’t need different service providers for your cargo, freight, logistic and supply chain management requirements. Our expert solutions, systems and processes can provide air, sea, transport, warehousing and storage, bonded warehousing from destination to destination or door to door.

Air Cargo

Handles a variety of Air Freight and Cargo requirements for corporates and individual clients they include general cargo competitive global cargo service. Our company uses the National Carrier Sri Lankan Airways and other international carriers these include regular airline flights and cargo carrier flights

Sea Cargo

Helps our clients and corporations with sea freight, bulk cargo, project cargo, container shipment globally through our international network of partners connecting local and international clients. handles inland distribution from door to door, warehousing, storage, container shipment.

Road Transportation

Provides integrated transport services from all ports via road network and railway network in Sri Lanka with a fleet of trucks, refrigerated trucks, cooler trucks, containers, vans, and smaller vehicles. We facilitate time-bound deliveries, door to door deliveries, with high security, insurance, and tracking.

3PL Services

Expo Ceylon is a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider that can handle various aspects of your logistics and delivery. Warehousing and storage: Expo Ceylon can store your products in our secure and spacious warehouses, monitor your inventory levels, and manage your storage costs.

Partner Companies

We work closely with a range of reputable logistics companies to ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of cargo between destinations.

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